About Me.....

A college girl in love with all things fashion, dance, travel, photography, healthy living (with an occasional, well maybe frequent sweet tooth), experiencing new cultures, meeting new people, laughing with friends or sometimes by myself,  hanging with family (you may notice I have a slight obsession with them) all in the spirit of having a good time. Life is too short not to enjoy it and find happiness in the small and simple things. 

 Here is to the small and simple pleasures of my life. From me to you. Thanks for reading! 

Xo Megs...

Why The Chestnut Hill? 

 While visiting my sister in Boston, she convinced me to start this blog. I fell head over hills a street there, Chestnut Hill. It is absolutely breathtaking, as is everything else there. The name fit perfectly with many of the things I share on this blog (pretty things, and pretty places). 

I love sharing the ups and the downs of my life with you, the fun things I'm doing, and all the things I love most. 


  1. Just found your blog through instagram. Love it and your outfits are really cute!

    1. Thank you so much Rachel! So nice of you and I'm so glad you like it. Feel free to tell your friends about it :)

      Xo Megs....

  2. didn't even know you have a blog! i follow ya on instagram. i go to byu and i am friends with one of your fellow cougarettes.... alexis :) anyways, cute blog! lets be blog friends? xx

    keena // justadashofkeena.blogspot.com