Friday, October 2, 2015

Classic Meets Edge
                               ++ An amazing weekend ahead

Outfit Details: 

Blouse: Nordstrom
Skirt: All Saints

I am 100% smitten by this skirt . Too much? I just seriously love it. I love how edgy it is with the leather and the zipper on the back. But, I don't typically dress very edgy.. I tend to keep it pretty classic; which is why this skirt, paired with this classic top is the perfect combo of classic and edge. Plus, I am a firm believer that every girl needs a good black leather skirt. It is a staple piece in my closet ++ for any season too (extra bonus). 

Also, Shout out to this weekend. It's my favorite of the whole year. Heres why: Check out to see what General Conference and this weekend is all about. 

Xo Megs..