Monday, July 27, 2015

Surprise White Out Birthday Party

My Dress: French Connection (70% off)

On Saturday I threw a surprise birthday party for my brother and best friend, Nate. We are big party throwers in my family, but I wanted to do something a little different. I went with a white, classy theme. I wanted the vibe to feel a little more upscale and sophisticated. (haha who am I kidding  though, we are in college..) I had all white decorations, balloons, tablecloths, candles, the works. Then, I asked Christian from @thesocialpublic_  to help me out. Together we were able to make the whole thing happen. We brought in a DJ (MAK), an amazing mocktail bar (because I just turned 21 and we don't drink :), and an UNREAL Mexican (our fave) catering company called 'Monte Leon' Fresh Mexican Grill, seriously amazing. If you are in need of catering, go to them!!! It was such a fun, chill, and classy night. I had so much fun planning the whole thing and cannot thank these companies enough for helping out! 

Yay for parties, birthdays, and such a fun event!

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Xo Megs...

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