Friday, May 9, 2014

Outfit: Bag that has been PERFECT for travel: Nordstrom | Sweater and Jeans: H&M | Jacket: Zara | Shoes: Also been perfect, Kate Spade via Bloomingdales

On thursday we had our first day of classes, our first day of rain, and our first full day here. Our classes are in the morning just a couple blocks away from where we are staying. There are so many students one the area so we fit right in. Our classes are Geography and British Literature. Then, we have another class that is called London Walks where we are assigned to just walk around different locations and study them. Amazing right?! It's the best class ever. After class on Thursday, a big group of us went to a really good restaurant called Nandos for lunch. It was delish. I would recommend it for sure. However, later we found out that it is a total tourist restaurant and that there are much better alternatives. huh. Good to know. After lunch we bought our Tube passes called oyster cards and became true locals.. The tubes here are like the Subway in New York but way nicer, bigger, and a lot of the stations are not underground. They are outside and look just like the Harry Potter Train stations. Oh I just love London. 

Next on the agenda was a museum we had to go to for class, interesting, but I am so tired from the jet lag that I had a hard time focusing. In fact, I may or may not have been falling asleep while looking at each display.. whoops. Afterwards, the group I was with and I took the tube to downtown London to see the iconic Big Ben. Let me tell ya, it did not disappoint. It was the most beautiful building I've ever seen. It was so detailed and gorgeous. We took tons of pictures of course. We also saw the London eye and many other beautiful buildings. The people in downtown London are always on the go. If you ask them to take a picture, their answer is usually "i'm in a hurry" and they disappear into the crowd. We've learned to look for the other tourists and they are obviously more than happy to oblige. After walking around the city for a while we got some waffles with ice cream and strawberries--and whatever else was on them, really nutritious, but really good none the less. After we headed back to our flat. We went to institute that night to meet some of the other young single adults, particularly the british boys.. no such luck. However, we did meet a lot of Elders serving their missions here. See ya when you get home? kidding, but no really. They were great. There are tons of missionaries for my church, the LDS Church in this area which is really fun to see. By going to institute we got a free meal, spaghetti, and had a lesson. We were trying to be so good and go but, I'm pretty sure every single one of us fell asleep because of the jet lag. We're really sorry.. We then headed home and went straight to bed. Good day. Good day. 

Friday: For class we went to the London Tower and walked around there for a few hours, diving right into Ancient England, specifically the medieval era. It's crazy to think that the world was really like that. Henry VIII actually had his wives executed, they actually used torture, they were truly ruthless, and they actually wore floor length full ball gowns every day. You could buy ornaments of all of his wives, ha. Everything was so detailed as you can see in the pictures. It was really magnificent. I just can't believe its real life. Me being here but also the things that are here, all the old castles are just beyond anything I could have imagined. 

After the tower of London we went on a walk for our London walks class and saw the Roman city wall. It was beautiful. While on the walk we stopped to play on slide (how old are we again?) and saw the most beautiful british boy ever. Okay I'm sorry, but seriously he was so cute! He had blonde hair swept to the side and blue eyes. I had the brilliant idea to ask him to take a picture of us so that I could talk to him. Brilliant, right?  He took a few pictures and when I went back to retrieve me camera we talked for a second. At the end of our short conversation he said "Enjoy London" and I about died. Bless me. We then stopped at a little restaurant to grab some lunch. As I walked up to the counter to order a "toastie" and some soup (its cold here) he walked into the restaurant with some friends. Everyone was dying and concluded it was fate. They all told me I had to talk to him so that I could get his number but, my phone doesn't even work here and I remembered the movie Taken and decided, eh better not. It was a good idea, in theory. 

We finished our walk, which was beautiful, by visiting the Museum of London. Again, the dang jet lag got the best of me and I was in a daze for most of the museum.. My dad would be so disappointed (sorry dad) I'll have to go back now that the jet lag has worn off. Afterwards,  with much dismay from Jo, one of the only guys here, we went shopping at a store called Primark, kind of like Forever XI on steroids. Fun, but a little too crazy for me. After finishing at Primark we went to a little restaurant called Kensington Crepes. So GOOD! They have either sweet or savory crepes and I got a savory with mushrooms and chicken, while others tried the sweet, I opted for some homemade ice-cream instead. Man, our eating habits here are just beyond. That's okay though, it's worth it. We finished the day and headed back at our apartments for bed. 

I love it here, I love all the people with me, I clearly love the food, the buildings, the history. Everything is just an absolute dream come true. 

Thanks for reading! 

Xo Megs 


  1. The detail is stunning! I found you through Instagram and I love your style! Keep on writing and sharing!

  2. Love this, Meg! I am currently a fashion blogger as well and I attend the University of Utah! I hope they have a program like this at my school because that sounds like SO MUCH FUN!!! What program was this?

    xox, Bri