Thursday, May 1, 2014


Outfit Details: Top: Ann Taylor (similar here) | Skirt: J.Crew (similar here) | Shoes: Nordstrom (similar herehere, and here) | Necklaces: Nordstrom and the other one I stole from my mom (similar here

Cheerio from London, England!

Well my lovelies, I made it! After a long, I mean LONG day (or so) of traveling we finally made it. The first flight to JFK was a little rough. Sitting in the middle of two not so friendly, overbearing people, a screaming kicking baby behind me, the man behind me (with the baby) getting mad at me for leaning my seat back because they "didn't have enough room", and very little sleep made for a really long flight. But, I made it to JFK despite all of that, got myself a Shroom Burger from Shake Shack (the best!!) saw a couple of really good friends heading to Jerusalem Study abroad, and hopped on the next flight to London, which was much better. Actually, I quite enjoyed myself. I slept pretty well with a neck pillow, my beats and an eye mask, watched a couple of complimentary movies, and ate a fairly decent meal. 

Once arriving in London we got our baggage and took a car to the city. First thoughts, Jet lag is real and this is crazy. I just had to take it all in. We got ourselves a car and headed to the city. Seeing all the drivers on the wrong side of the car and road will take some getting used to for sure, although It's kinda cool. There is a Tube strike going on so there was lots of traffic but we didn't care because we enjoyed the extra sight seeing. We finally arrived at the Flats, where we will be living for a couple of weeks before moving into the London Centre. The minute we got there, we dropped our bags off and headed out. 

I seriously could die at how beautiful and charming everything is. I took at least 20 pictures of the buildings alone. amazing. We got some lunch at a little cafe near Kensington Park then hit some shops. We went to one shop called Argo where you look up what you want on a computer and show them at the cash register, then they go get it in the back. Coolest thing ever! I'm already working on my english accent, so hopefully by the time I come home I will sound like a local. But seriously, crossing my fingers. I'm in love with their accents. I feel like my voice is so ugly because everything they say is just beautiful. Even when they aren't nice (which most people aren't) somehow they still sound so charming. After walking around for a while and exploring the city, we went and unpacked. Then I took an accidental nap-- like I said, jet lag is real-- slept through my alarm, typical. and was late to our very first meeting.. whoops. It turned out okay though, I wasn't alone. Everyone in my group is so nice and so fun! I feel like I could be best friends with everyone here. Afterwards, we took a little walk to a local grocery store to pick up some food for breakfast. It took me like a half hour to pick a cereal because it's so different.. clearly i'm a little indecisive. On the walk home we took into account the fact that people here are not afraid to stare. Everywhere we go people stare. I mean do we really stick out that much?? hah It's pretty funny. Most people are either not very friendly or a little too friendly, if you know what I mean… 

It was a pretty great first day to say the least. I'm feeling so lucky and blessed to be here! To follow along with pictures follow my instagram @megricks 
Thanks for reading!

Xo Megs...

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