Tuesday, March 4, 2014

With the Spring season just right around the corner, I always get excited for a little change in the weather, and a change in beauty and wardrobe... bringing the spring layers forward, and pushing the lovely winter coats to the back; where they will stay until next winter (crossing my fingers). My favorite part about spring is the lighter colors and the gorgeous mornings. The lighter mornings make it much easier and enjoyable to get out of bed. But, if your like me, I don't always like to get fully ready early in the AM, I'd rather lay in my bed and enjoy the sunshine out my window for a few minutes longer. Which is why I decided to label these products Early morning beauty.

When I was younger I always heard if you don't have enough time to do all of your makeup you should always do your eyes, cheeks, and lips. So I put together some of my favorite beauty tips for a quicker morning routine. First, wash off your wrinkle reducer (a must have). Next a little foundation, blush, lips, and to finish, some half lashes-- so quick and easy to put on.

Cheers to a new Spring beauty look, Spring weather, and early mornings!

Thanks for reading.

Xo Megs

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