Tuesday, March 11, 2014


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Blouse: Zara (old, but similar here) | Skirt: Nordstrom (seriously my new fave) | Shoes: J.Crew (ON SALE!!!) | Clutch:  Kate Spade (ON SALE!!) | Earrings: Jcrew (Similar and On Sale HERE) | Lips: MAC- pink Nouvou 

Lately, I've been on a feminine kick. It must be the spring weather. There's something about Spring that just makes me want to wear dresses and lighter colors, probably because that's sort of what spring is all about (ha). And because I feel like a new person with this warm weather, that unfortunately ended today with a lovely snow storm, gotta love Utah. Anyways, it's kind of funny, in the winter when its cold and gloomy i'm fine wearing my dance clothes with some [cute] sweats over the top around campus. But, the other day it was so nice outside and I was wearing sweats after my dance classes to my academic classes and I felt like a fish out of water walking in a sea of dressed up students (it also doesn't help that I am wearing a boot because I hurt my foot and can't dance for a month). I felt really ugly and eventually ended up going home and starting over again and  I may or may not have had a melt down because of it. but in my defense it had already been a rough day. It's also pretty rare to see me up on campus as much as I have been this week- I'm trying to be more studious.  Anyways, After that I went home I put on a cute outfit and BAM I instantly felt at least 10x better about myself. Call me shallow, but I think when you look your best you feel your best. As I called my mom balling my eyes out about my horrible day, she said, "Just put on a cute outfit and go to cougarette practice looking really pretty and you might feel better" haha So, I did. And it worked! I felt so much better. The moral of my dramatic story is that maybe feeling and dressing feminine is the perfect medicine to a bad day! Try it, It's the perfect "pick me up".

Cheers to better days and feeling feminine :)

Happy Wednesday.

XO Megs…. 

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