Thursday, July 11, 2013

NYC according to my iPhone....

Carrying my camera around the city was a bit of a struggle... It was way too heavy combined with way too much walking, so, I resorted to my trusty iPhone. 

These pictures are some of the fun things I did throughout my incredible trip to the big apple. Of course I had to snap some pics. of the yummy food I ate (pictured are Eataly and Shake Shack), some of the amazing shopping I did (pictured are 5th ave and soho, The coffee table set is from Kate Spade, so amazing right?), the Metropolitan, Time Square at night (a must see if your up for a crowd), Walks through central park (one with best friend Whitney who now lives in NYC-- excuse the way we look we just finished 8 hours of dance), and lastly, NYCDA closing Gala! It was so amazing and my old team got teen and senior Critics choice. 

For all those who asked about my dress.... Post coming SOON! But until then, thanks for stopping by! 

XoXo Megs....

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