Friday, June 21, 2013


These ^^^ are my very best friends, the Gnarly Gnine {as we call ourselves} and my Dad (haha). In February, we decided to take a trip together down to Cabo, Mexico. It couldn't have been more perfect, especially because my family has a villa down there. I love Cabo, as well as these gorgeous ladies.

These pictures are from our first day down in Cabo-- #Funfestcabo .... The activities included dinner at one of my families fave restaurants in town. We then hit some of the shops, which are more like repetitive flea markets, but fun nonetheless. We finished off the evening by making our way to Costco of all the places in Mexico, to buy some groceries. So much fun with my Cabhoes. 

Love the people in this picture, I just aimed my camera and they were instantly photo ready. 
Nothing like the Mexican Tacos... Tacos for every meal.

We managed to fit 13 people into our suburban... Good thing they aren't too strict down in Cabo. 

^^^ Funniest Story: as I took these 2 pictures above, the owner of the shop came out saying. "Its 5 dolla for a picta" in here cute Mexican accent. Hahaha So funny! We decided we should just leave, and as we are leaving she kept yelling "5 dolla for a picta" -- Who knew?! whoops

^^^Second funny story: You can imagine that the gnine of us together got a lot of attention from the people down there... that being said, as we were walking out of a shop the guy across the street yelled with his hand raised," Yoohoo Chiquitas,  yoo-hoo It's me Enriquè come to my shop it is the best in thee Solar seestam" Oh we got a real good laugh about that one.

Last stop: Costco. We managed to have some fun in there as well. 

I have a lot more pictures where these came from. Cabo was amazing! Can't wait to show you more.

Love, Megs

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