Thursday, May 23, 2013

Boston {Part II} The Charmed Life

Boston is literally THE most charming place I have ever been to. Not only are the historic buildings charming, but every single piece of architecture is incredible and beautiful. Even the Starbucks is quaint, which is surprising because unlike Utah, there is one on almost every corner, okay that's an exaggeration, but there are a lot! I just couldn't get enough, It was so fun. For the two years that my sister and her husband have been there, my entire family had visited multiple times, excluding me. Yes, I totally got jipped. But, in their defense, I really couldn't have gone because of dance and school (oh the sacrifices you make to do what you love, namely dance... not really school, ha). Everyone spoke so highly of it, because of that, I had pretty high expectations. With that being said, the city did not disappoint.

To add to all of the charm and beauty there was... I had so much fun hanging out with my sister Julia, Mike (brother in law) and especially Kate and Cole (my niece and nephew). I am so in love with those two little munchkins, they can never cease to put a smile on my face.

^^^Kate and her best friend Lily playing at the MIT picnic. Mike is getting his MBA at MIT... so yeah, he's pretty dang smart! We went to a picnic in front of the MIT Dome, which is so cool. The food was amazing, not your ordinary picnic food, they went all out. Kate had so much fun playing with all of her friends that were there, and I had so much fun watching her laugh and play^^^ 

^^^Kate is the worlds biggest diva. This is her "posing" for a picture, she goes above and beyond just your typical smile^^^
^^^Kate: "Look Mom, its snowing!" Please, never grow up^^^ 

^^^While on our way to the famous Shake Shack for dinner, I put on my favorite lipstick (YSL #12, its amazing everyone needs a YSL lipstick). Kate loves anything pink and girly, so naturally she wanted some too. That's her "kiss" face. haha^^^
^^^Shake Shack: only my favorite East Coast restaurant, or maybe, my fave ever! No shame, its delish. You have to get the portabello mushroom burger, A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!^^^

^^^Contrary to what this picture displays, he really does love me^^^
^^^We finished the day off by going to the famous and gorgeous Charles Street! It is seriously so cool. If you ever go to Boston you have to go to Charles Street. Everything about it is charming and quaint^^^ 

I think It's safe to say that i'm in love with Boston!

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